Duke of Edinburgh Award

Eudunda Area School students can choose to be a part of The Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is a prestigious program designed to empower young individuals aged 14-24. It encourages personal development through four key areas: volunteering, physical fitness, skills development, and adventurous expeditions. Participants set goals, challenge themselves, and acquire valuable life skills along the way. This internationally recognised award instils resilience, teamwork, and a sense of adventure, promoting self-confidence and personal growth. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a highly regarded achievement that demonstrates dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to making a positive impact in the community.

Private Music Lessons

At Eudunda Area School private Piano, Guitar and Drum music lessons are offered at a cost to the families. They provide personalised instruction and guidance to aspiring musicians. With one-on-one attention, students can focus on their specific goals and improve their technical skills and musicality. Private lessons allow for tailored curriculum, individualised feedback, and the opportunity to explore different musical genres and instruments.

Pedal Prix

Our Pedal Prix program currently consists of two teams competing in the Australian Human Powered Vehicle Super Series. This program provides our students with opportunities to develop physical fitness through rigorous training and participation in a 6-hour and 8-hour event. Training involves endurance rides and strength exercises, improving cardiovascular fitness, stamina, and endurance. The race itself showcases students’ physical conditioning and creates a sense of pride. The program also nurtures bike mechanics skills as students modify and maintain their vehicles, fostering problem-solving and teamwork abilities. This well-rounded experience promotes an active lifestyle and instils valuable life skills for the future.


Year 12 Formal

A Year 12 formal is an eagerly anticipated event that marks the end of secondary school for students. It is a glamorous and elegant occasion where students come together to celebrate their achievements and bid farewell to their high school years. The night is filled with excitement, as students dress up in stylish attire, dance, and enjoy a delicious meal. The formal provides an opportunity for students to create lasting memories, bond with friends, and reflect on their educational journey before embarking on new adventures. 

Year 7 Aquatics 
  • At the start of term 1 students attend an aquatics camp to Port Vincent, with the aim of building positive relationships with peers and teachers to support with the transition into high school. Students spend 3 days engaging in the different aquatics activities including, snorkelling, surfing, kayaking, fishing, knee boarding, wind surfing, paddle boarding, and sailing.


Year 8 Bushwalking 

  • The aim of this camp is to give students the opportunity to develop skills they can use in future bushwalks and camps. The camp is also designed to provide a physical challenge for students (and staff) and will proceed regardless of prevailing weather. Students will only be able to take personal gear and food that they can pack into their backpacks. Prior to attending camp students will be introduced to Trangia cooking and tent pitching throughout their PE lessons.


Year 9 Sustainability 

  • During the Year 9 Sustainability camp, students will have the opportunity to participate in a range of engaging and educational activities that are designed to enhance their understanding of sustainability, ecology, and teamwork. We believe that these activities will not only be enjoyable but will also contribute to your child’s personal and academic growth. These curriculum activities, including canoeing the Coorong, Granite Island tour and SA Whale Centre have been carefully selected to align with our educational goals and provide students with a well-rounded understanding of sustainability, conservation, and the importance of responsible environmental stewardship. We believe that through these experiences, students will deepen their knowledge and develop a greater sense of appreciation for the natural world around them.


Year 10 Canberra 

  • Our Year 10 students have the opportunity to attend Canberra for their year level camp. Students build a deeper understanding of how we’re governed and our Australian identity, fostering a sense of national pride. Participating in a wide range of programs in Canberra immerses students into Australia’s democratic heritage and traditions, its political and legal institutions and the shared values of freedom, tolerance, respect, responsibility and inclusion.

Snow Camp 

  • The Snow Camp offers students an opportunity for students to engage in outdoor physical activities including skiing and snowboarding. These winter sports require strength, balance, and coordination, helping students improve their physical skills and cardiovascular endurance. There is also a chance for students to earn SACE points through a Stage 1 Integrated Learning program. Overall, a snow trip for senior students offers a well-rounded experience that combines physical fitness, skill development, social bonding, and mental rejuvenation. It is a worthwhile endeavour that provides numerous benefits for their overall well-being and personal growth.


Stage 1 & 2 Outdoor Education Camps  

Students prepare, plan and undertake an outdoor Kayaking journey in the back waters of Renmark and a Surfing journey at Corny Point as a group. Students develop their teamwork and practical outdoor skills. Students are involved in skill development tasks collecting and documenting evidence for annotation to inform their reflection and evaluation. The following key areas required for students include: 

  • Planning for safe and sustainable outdoor journeys   
  • Skill development  
  • Self-assessment of develop personal growth considering improvement strategies 
  • Strategies in relation to environmental sustainability and management and Awareness of human impact on environment.  
AG Club

Ag Club is a voluntary break time extra-curricular activity for Years 7-12 students to build Agricultural skills and knowledge through hands on activities. Most sessions are spent at the Ag block carrying out tasks such as feeding animals, maintaining gardens, and building new infrastructure.  

Show Team

The Royal Show Team is an extra-curricular activity offered to students years 8-12. The team attends local, regional and major Royal Agricultural Shows and specialist breeder shows. In addition to the preparation and exhibition of a range of different sheep, goat, and cattle provided by leading South Australian breeders, opportunities exist for students to participate in Young Judging, Parading and Herdsman competition at all levels, with students having the ability to represent the School at State and National levels. The culminating event for the show team is a 3-day camp to Adelaide to participate in the Royal Adelaide Show livestock showing and judging competitions.




At Eudunda Area School students have the opportunity to be involved in extra-curricular  sport which can include being involved in SAPSASA, Knockout Sport and SASSSA competitions. These opportunities promote physical fitness, teach teamwork and cooperation, enhance leadership, builds self confidence and fosters a sense of camaraderie and school spirit.




EASpresso is a school-based café which operates out of a refurbished shipping container located within the school grounds. Senior school students involved with EASpresso gain their Barista Certificate whilst developing lifelong skills that can be transferred into the job marked; not only are they acquiring industry specific skills in the Food and Hospitality sector, but they are also practicing their enterprise and employability skills. It is a sustainable initiative that will continue to provide an avenue for students to gain industry recognised skills leading to further training and employment, whilst creating a social hub for students to meet and enjoy barista style drinks and home cooked foods.

EASpresso was the winner of the 2023 South Australian Areas School’s Best Practice Award and winner of the 2023 VET Innovative School of the Year.