As an R-12 school we cater for learning of all students from the Early Years to post compulsion. We are a medium sized country school which means we can actively monitor the academic progress and well being of all students.

Our curriculum is diverse and we are renowned for innovations in sustainable futures and caring for the environment as well as using the community as a partner in learning.

As a school we ensure that we engage with latest educational thinking ranging from the use of Information and Communication Technology in learning, Civics and Citizenship, Literacy and Numeracy and School to Work transition to name but a few.

We are well served by facilities having a full tech studies workshop, home economics centre, art room, school community library and access to computers.

We also have our own Agricultural block and access to community facilities including the swimming pool nearby.

As well as the formal curriculum, our school offers a range of extra curricular activities catering for a range of student interests. This includes camps, sporting events and the International Pedal Prix.

The guiding principles of Eudunda Area School are:-

  • excellence in teaching and learning
  • respect for all
  • community focus

These principles are evident in everything the school does. We urge all parents to visit Eudunda Area School and consider us as an excellent option for the education of local children.

David Cluse

Planning and Reporting


Eudunda Area has fantastic sporting facilities, a full size gym which accommodates many different sports, surrounding lawn areas, access to the Town Oval, golf course and swimming Pool, plus outside asphalt courts and areas.

  • Swimming Carnival is run for year R -12 in first Term. The day has a combination of individual, team and novelty event. The teams compete for points for their Sport Team (Light and Dunstan). There is also a Primary and Secondary Swimming Champion.
  • Sports Day is also run in first term and students form R-12 compete for points for their House Team. The events are a combination of traditional athletic events, novelty and team games. A Champion from Primary and for each Secondary age group is announced.
  • Santos Athletic squad is formed through results achieved in the Athletic events at Sports Day. The squad then trains for two weeks prior to competition day so the competitors can further develop their skills.In the past the team has been very successful coming in the top four places most years.
  • Knockout sport is offered in terms 2, 3 and 4. Teams are generated through student interest. The school promotes a mix of traditional sports, like girls and boys basketball, girls netball and boys football with non-traditional sports like girls football, cricket and soccer. These teams have been very successful in the past with the girls football teams reaching the Semi finals for the past few years.


The Eudunda and Robertstown Districts School Community Library, a free service provided by the Regional Council of Goyder, is located in Eudunda Area School, with the Link Library in the Robertstown Community Centre.

  • Some 32,000 items are circulated to borrowers from birth to 97 years.
  • These include books (fiction, novels, non fiction, large print, hear-a-books, …), movies, music and magazines.
  • Students have access to the internet, and the school’s Curriculum network, via 8 computers.
  • The general public has access to the Public Library’s free Wireless and Internet services

School Uniform

Each child coming to Eudunda Area School is expected by the Governing Council to wear the agreed school uniform. The school uniform is as follows

Boys / Girls
  • plain grey or black pants or shorts
  • plain grey, white or maroon short or long sleeved polo shirt or skivvy or maroon striped polo shirt.
  • maroon polar fleece jumper
  • maroon rugby top
  • grey, black or white socks
  • black or brown shoes or sandals or sports shoes (mostly white or black)
  • broad brimmed hat (not baseball style)
  • black, white, grey or maroon plain scarves
  • black, white, grey or maroon beanies (Terms 2 & 3)
  • maroon jacket (winter)
  • plain grey or black pants or shorts **
  • plain grey or black skirt **
  • maroon checked skirt or pinafore **
  • plain grey, white or maroon short or long sleeved polo shirt or skivvy or maroon striped polo shirt
  • maroon polar fleece jumper
  • maroon rugby top
  • maroon & white check summer dress **
  • grey, black or white socks or grey or black tights
  • black or brown shoes or sandals or sports shoes (mostly white or black)
  • broad brimmed hat (not baseball style)
  • black, white, grey or maroon plain scarves
  • black, white, grey or maroon beanies (Terms 2 & 3)
  • maroon jacket (winter)

** suitable in length

  • appropriate footwear, for OHS&W reasons, DOES NOT include thongs, slip-on shoes, strap sandals and thin strapped footwear
  • appropriate footwear needs to be worn for all
    Physical Education lessons
  • for OHS&W reasons, jewellery is not allowed, except for watches, sleeper or stud earrings
Available For Purchase From The School
  • polar fleece jumpers, rugby tops, polo shirts and sports tops printed with school name
  • shorts
  • hats, beanies and scarves
  • material for the girls summer dress and winter skirt/pinafore
  • school bags
Winter Skirt/pinafore
(Same As Heathfield High And Underdale High)
  • available from Fleurs of Stirling (83394744), the Uniform Shop (Mount Barker) or any other school uniform outlet
Sports Clothing
  • it is a requirement that students change into the new sports t-shirt for all physical education activities
  • clothing in House colours is required for Sports Day and Swimming Carnival
  • tops will be provided to students when representing the school in outside sporting events, eg. Mile End Athletics
Secondhand Clothing
  • some secondhand clothing is available from the School
Lost Articles Of Clothing
  • parents are invited to come and look through the lost property box for clothing which has been misplaced

Eudunda Area School

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